Monday, November 5, 2007

Inhuman Infidels R Us

How fascinating. Kafir Canada notes what some Floridian Muslims are saying about us non-Muslims: we are “less than human.” As I noted in Swastika and the Scimitar, and Structure, Not Themes, Part One and Part Two, an essential element in the primitive Sacred form of paganism is to dehumanize those who are to be sanctioned sacrificial victims of my religion, anthropologically speaking. For those who have been introduced to and instructed in the cultural anthropology of René Girard, his "mimetic theory," this is basic stuff and universally valid in all human cultures "since the foundation of the world."

What is astonishing is the ubiquity and swiftness the West is being infiltrated (I know, that sounds paranoid -- offer me a better verb) by Muslims whose words and behavior signify not a "religion of peace" (except on their legalistic, domineering, and repressive terms) but the "same old same old" of the primitive Sacred seeking new victim-fodder. FLORIDA!? Why, they will be building mega mosques in London, Dearborn, and Falls Church next. What? Oh. They are trying to ... And what do you suppose will be taught in those mosques?

The one force in the history of the human cosmos fighting against the primitive Sacred's proclivity for creating new victims for human sacrifice is the Christian faith in general and the Catholic Church in particular. Humans born into Original Sin will still stumble before the Tempter's wiles, but the world's last, best shot is the Church, the Deposit of Faith (Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium), her Sacraments and virtues, founded by God himself, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Cling to Peter's barque, love God with all of your being, and your neighbor as yourself ... regardless of his or her primitive Sacred religion.

UPDATE: Melanie Phillip’s “Britain’s Anti-Semitic Turn” at City Journal.

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