Saturday, February 9, 2008

Archbishop Not Scapegoated

It isn't news to anyone straying by and noticing the words "Archbishop", "Not", and "Scapegoated" in the title of this blog post. He has really stirred up a hornet's nest in Merrie Olde. Apparently, Middle England has diametrically opposite sentiments to his eminence, as Adrian Morgan reports (below).

Many would say the Archbishop is being scapegoated, but I beg to differ. That is like saying I am scapegoating the alarm clock by turning it off. The poor fellow woke up a somnambulating populace to the ramifications of its indolence -- "if you don't watch out you'll end up where you're headed" -- and he's tired of being knocked about by the alarum he's raised.

Now, of course he may actually believe what he's said, but the effect is the same. I think Morgan has teased out a very well written article on this episode and suggest you take a few moments to read it in full.

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