Sunday, October 26, 2008

Up Mt. Cithaeron with Big O

From a Girardian view of the election campaign, it is so much fun to be part of the (self-) righteous entourage of the youthful god as he takes them up Mt. Cithaeron (cf. Euripides' THE BACCHAE). Never mind it will lead to more human sacrifice - invalidating all limits on abortion (read: infanticide) as well as eliminate all restrictions on governmental funding of the same. This is par for the course as far as paganism goes.

But, you must understand, the Bacchae following Barack feels righteous; after all, they are opposed to more deaths in Iraq. And the bacchanalia following Big O is soo much more fun than following Moses up Mt. Sinai, or Christ up Calvary.

Oh, yeah, and one last thing: be careful around them. They can get brutal. Just ask Pentheus.

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