Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blessing for Children in the Womb

Jeff Miller, Curt Jester, reports that the U. S. bishops have approved a blessing service for children in the womb. A nice touch, in light of the relentless marching of the culture of death in America.

After all, as David B. Hart aptly reminds us,
... we Christians – while not ignoring how appalling such a condition is – should yet rejoice that modernity offers no religious comforts to those who would seek them. In this time of waiting, in this age marked only by the absence of faith in Christ, it is well that the modern soul should lack repose, piety, peace, or nobility, and should find the world outside the Church barren of spiritual rapture or mystery, and should discover no beautiful or terrible or merciful gods upon which to cast itself. (emphases added)
That modernity forces the hands of our bishops is a clear indication of its pro-death propensities. That modernity should find no such "religious comforts" in its relentless worship of a vacuous, distracted, void called the "self" may, in God's providential love, cause prodigals to leave the far country of self-exile and trudge a penitential pathway Home.

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