Monday, March 9, 2009

Woe Bamanation

AP story published in the heartland: Elkhart, IN. Thank God my hometown rag got it right.

Now we are as taxpayers conspirators in an Obamanation - or perhaps with its concomitant consequential judgment Woe-bamanation.

I will give an ever-so slight benefit of a doubt: perhaps he is functioning with bad information and political handlers who see a post-ethical nation (read: he has a deft ability to see the way the crowd is headed, jumped out in front, and got elected its leader).

Hitler did it too. And we'll get what we deserve as a nation also.

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David Nybakke said...

The question comes to mind: are you an American who happens to be a Catholic or a Catholic who happens to be an American?

Ath, you said, "we'll get what we deserve as a nation also."

And from the article: "Fifty-nine percent of white, non-Hispanic Catholics and 58 percent of white mainline Protestants favor embryonic stem cell research..."

Looking at the question I started with, can we tell the difference? Have we not blurred into some ... ah, ah, gaint ooozing blob? Are we not caught up in the middle of the frenzied, blood-curling mob that is about to toss away our religious and moral traditions for the sake of... of... jobs oh, ah, sorry, I mean for healing and alleviating suffering?