Sunday, October 14, 2007

WaPo - Dis Him? Sure. Not Muslims

The Washington Post bravely publishes today's Sunday Berk Breathed OPUS comic in which the Commander in Chief of the United States is depicted prancing about in whitey tighties. This, after censoring by dropping Breathed's OPUS on Muslim women’s apparel in August. Apparently the Post knows the power of mob violence, the practitioners of it by members of the the religion of peace, and, inchoately, a great deal about what mimetic theory says about paganism and the primitive Sacred. As Fox News reported,

As far as whether the Post and the Post Writers Group syndicate treated content about conservative Christians differently than it did content about conservative Muslims, it certainly could be taken that way.

"It appears on the surface to be a double standard," Burford said, "but at the same time, the climate of the world probably informs their decision with how to go forward with it."

That point, "the climate of the world probably informs their decision" is called "soft coercion," an important feature of functional dhimmitude. Go along to get along. "Muslims R Us" or face the consequences.

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