Saturday, November 3, 2007

Structure, Not Themes #2

A follow-up to Structure, Not Themes. The following video clip serves as substantiation to, "Don't get caught in (Nazi and Islamic) themes -- pay close attention to their structures. Namely, their common need for a 'sub-human' and all-evil victim: the 'stinking' Jew (sic)." Watch and listen especially to the bold-faced dehumanizing claims of Sheikh Gilani about the Jews. It goes without saying that such deplorably evil and inhuman "illuminati" deserve to be killed. Right? At least for Sheikh Gilani and their enclaves of Dar al-Islam in GEORGIA. [HT: Gates of Vienna]

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Kafir Canada said...

You're right to note these things.

If you want a different sort of evidence of this, just look at neo-nazi sites like and you'll find lots of support for Islamist movements.