Sunday, May 18, 2008

Better Informed Infidels

Hugh Fitzgerald at The Iconoclast opines:
A hard and ever-more-hardening attitude, an unwillingness to give an inch, the threat that collective punishment, threatening the interests and continued presence of Muslims within this or that country, is far more likely to evoke or rather exact the necessary "cooperation" with authorities than does the policy, that the British seem to have adopted until now, of pursuing the ignis fatuus of "integration" and, still worse, appeasement, including appeasement in matters where Muslims have not yet even made demands.

The better informed that Infidels become about the meaning, and menace, of Islam, the harder and more unyielding their attitude will become. And the harder and more unyielding they become, and the more Muslims realize that their failure to integrate will mean that they have no future in Western Europe -- which will lead at least some to leave, and others to begin, possibly, to explore, out of self-interest, the possibility of jettisoning Islam-- the more likely it is that the West, as the West, will overcome, and survive, the menace of Islam.

This stance lines up favorably with Pinkerton's Shire Strategy.

Read more of Fitzgerald.

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