Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Arthur Weasley - Me Hero

To a non-Harry Potter reader, this won't mean much. Truth be told, however, I've been channeling Arthur Weasley recently, for some strange reason.
Now, mind you, my place doesn't look at all like the Weasley's place (above). Nor, indeed, do I look much like the mensch who plays him in the films (Mark Williams, pictured right, also the stuttering dentist in Shakespeare in Love) - though, in all honesty, I do bear a striking resemblance to he whom J. K. Rowling describes in her books.

No, it is the selfless devotion to family, and unwavering commitment to all that is true, good, and beautiful that I admire about Arthur Weasley, husband of Molly Weasley, father of the Weasley brood. He is willing to fight when necessary in legitimate defense. He will not give in or back down as long as friends, family, the common good, and justice ('giving God and neighbor their due') demand his utmost.

Yet never one for vainglory. He is not rich. He is not handsome, though winsome by his calling to duty.

One last thing: he doesn't seek or need a high-profile rĂ´le, admired by many, nonpareil among men. His "ontological substantiation" comes from an unseen source. He plods on ostensibly at an unfulfilling job in that deals with Muggle affairs in the Ministry (yawn).

One could do worse in search of a literary model than Arthur Weasley.

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