Saturday, November 29, 2008


There is no doubt in my mind that the incoming administration is cock sure that it is about to begin - in their mind - a bold, new direction for the United States that will be unprecedented in its 232-year old history. It will be unfettered by the now-marginalized forces that once encumbered and, indeed, attempted to enslave it. Like, for example, the faith and morals of the Catholic Church.

Already we see the United States Conference of (Catholic) Bishops scurrying to try to keep a place at the table with a “news release” from its Office of Med Relations. Oooooh.

News release, shnews release. Who's listening?

Pop culture and its denizens ensured that the Big O would enter the White House. Do you really expect the shallowest, most vacuous block of the voting public - honed as they are on the whetstone of Madison Avenue advertising, sound byte thinking, sensory titillation, and instant gratification - to consider such matters as abortion and infanticide as anything more than chips of refuse in the road before their pop culturally correct Prius? iPods do not normally have downloaded addresses by Catholic bishops.

Meanwhile, wolves circle, extremely conscious of the opportunity afforded this election's results. The sheep are vulnerable and easy prey in the West. Few have held hands with past generations and the revealed wisdom carried and vouchsafed in the Church's Magisterium. The Christianities (as Msgr Ronald Knox called them) downstream of Catholicism are watered-down entities run by corporate wannabies and focus-group feel-good gurus. Pastors who love the gospel are caught by the short hairs in keeping up the Sunday collection figure and all-important "average worship attendance" statistics. Pity them, do not disdain.

The Catholic Church is pretty much on our own now. Big O and his ilk don't even have the mind to gloat. It seems they have carte blanche with near-unlimited resources (think of the publicity they spent on bumper stickers and yard signs alone).

These will be difficult times for truth, goodness, and beauty. Neo-paganism and the Scimitar will appear to bring Western civilization to its knees.

Best be ready to teach the young the meaning of the Church Year. Begin with Advent. Decorate and light the tree. Watch for signs. Pray the Scriptures with the Church. Be fed at the Sacrifice of the Mass. Defend and protect our priests. Serve Our Lord in the poor, the least, last, and lost. Be chivalrous and kind to all if possible.

These are darkening days. Cling to Peter's Barque and look to the virtues, infused by the Holy Spirit to persevere. I'll be praying for you.


Aramis said...

Coming off the most deadly century ever so it seems that we are headed into the most prolific killing spree ever. Can I say that? Would anyone believe that? Does anyone really care if it were true?

To us average Joe/Jill Americans facing the possibility of not getting the last X-box of the season - the question is But How Would We Know and do we really care enough to stop? What would we have to do to disabuse ourselves from our mimetic infatuation for more stuff - the very stuff that drives our jobs our economy our egos and our sense of being something? Would not the stepping away from OUR structures of violence - these very structures that have provided our very security, our being something, risks our very lives?

Wait a minute Athos. Are you suggesting metanoia? Conversion of a people? Are you advocating repentance and forgiveness? You actually think you can get folks to think that they could move from being something to being someone?

But isn't there some in-between way that we all can just get by? Can't we just will or teach ourselves to be sane and civil?

Aramis said...

I messed up one of my links.

The link behind "But How Would We Know" was suppose to be linked to THIS