Wednesday, October 7, 2009

See How the Mighty Will Fall

There are, it seems clear, certain personages for whom Catholic truth seems a "doable" target for expunging. They sent their point man to Notre Dame; they have their flunkies in both houses of Congress; they see picking off the stragglers as easy, and dividing the Papal house as not a problem.

But they forget their mortality, their creatureliness. Heed well the words of a wiser head than my own:
So long as we retain the Catholic faith we have always one interest, one loyalty, one enthusiasm in the world to keep us alive ... It does commit us to a philosophy; but it does also take us out of ourselves by throwing our reliance on ... the Personality of Jesus Christ ... by identifying us with a movement, whose triumphs are our triumphs, whose anxieties are our anxieties; life can never be dull for us while the Church is still militant, still has a battle to fight and a position to be vindicated.
- Monsignor Ronald Knox

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