Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Talk with Iran? Sure But Not with Fox

The Anchoress makes a strong point:

Obama’s behavior is not presidential. Criticize Bush all you like, and yeah, he made it clear he didn’t much like the way the press covered him, but he talked to all of those news outlets who clearly hated him – hell, he talked to CBS even after the fake TANG episode with Dan Rather and Mary Mapes (whose fakery was recently exposed as even more egregious than we already knew). Bush spoke to Newsweek even after Evan Thomas promised to deliver “an additional ten to 15 percentage points to John Kerry” (which they managed, btw).

Obama, thin-skinned, more than a little cowardly and a bit petty, prefers to “punish” those members of the press who do not lay prostrate before him. And the mainstream press, because it is over-populated with spiteful perpetual adolescents who have become enthralled to the weird duality of hate/love that informs their politics, do not close ranks and say, “no, Mr. President, if you don’t talk to one of us, you don’t get your daily exposure from any of us.”

The mighty I Wun and his ilk do not tolerate interference from those whose perception of the zeitgeist is at strong variance with their own romantic Gnostic one. Here, too, is where Bush differed with I Wun. Bush was unquestionably pushing the Right's agenda. But that wink and grin showed perspective, unlike the humorless intolerance we are now being forced to bear. Nothing is so intolerant as an humanist project sans the firm belief in a Magisterium beyond its party ideology and functional atheism.

Did Bush ever get mistaken for being a "messiah"? Any other presidents recently? How about this One?

This "punishment" of Fox News is a denial of a political opponent's common humanity. It is nothing Bush or anyone on either side of the aisle would have done so ostensibly before. It is a slippery slope toward even more dehumanizing of mimetic rivals in America. Your worst dreams tell you where it may end.

The most salient advice now is from mimetic theory: don't listen to the themes of the Last Self-Help Administration. Watch the structure, the actual behavior.

It will give you plenty to pray about.

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