Monday, October 19, 2009

You Don't Need No Steenkin' Bubble Zone

Jeff Miller - the Curt Jester - does a great job of limning the sacred precinct of today's certifiable and duly sanctioned victim fodder: pro-life abortion protesters.

You see, it is like this: If (a) abortion is legal in the eyes of the state, and (b) pro-life abortion protesters are protesting the duly sanctioned murder of unborn infants, then, ipso facto, (c) those daft enough to enter the sacred precinct of the abortuarial arena of duly sanctioned human sacrifice of unborn infants are worthy of violent opprobrium themselves. The logic is impeccable. Irreducible. Luciferian.

Pro-lifers deserve it. Don't they? Well, don't they? No "bubble zones" for them! (Strong language alert)

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