Monday, November 9, 2009

Connecting Dots & Being Prepared

As Daniel Pipes convincingly shows, the conscious and unconscious denial of the violence inherent in the Scimitar is part and parcel of the methodology of the keepers of multicultural public discourse. Why would this be so?

In using the MSM and its apparent power to convince, these leaders wager that the Scimitar will become pacific, even though a millennium of violence against non-Scimitar peoples proves otherwise. But it also enervates and lowers people's legitimate defensive posture, causing wisdom to be doubted and clouding common sense judgment.

By legitimate defense I do not mean stockpiling weapons. I mean, as a former Boy Scout, "Being Prepared." All "have fallen short of the glory of God," of course. But when progressive revelation is not allowed, as in Jewish and Christian understanding of Scripture, and mandates to subjugate non-Scimitar peoples still stand, individuals, armies, nations, and all informed and enlightened by the Christian faith would do well to "Be Prepared."

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