Thursday, November 26, 2009

True Hope and Change

Reflects on Relationships Modeled on the Trinity

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 25, 2009 ( Benedict XVI is inviting the faithful to imagine what the world would be like if family, parish and community relationships were modeled on the Trinity, with people not only living together but also for each other.

The Pope reflected on this today when he took up the topic of two 12th-century theologians during his general audience in Paul VI Hall.

He reflected on Hugh and Richard, both of the Abbey of St. Victor in France. He particularly considered their complementary emphases in the reading and studying of Scripture.

"Hugh of St. Victor stressed the importance of the literal or historical sense of sacred Scripture as the basis of theology's effort to unite faith and reason in understanding God's saving plan," the Holy Father said.

This theologian offered Christianity an explanation of the sacraments that is still useful today, the Pontiff added.

Richard of St. Victor was Hugh's disciple.

He "stressed the allegorical sense of the Scriptures in order to present a spiritual pedagogy aimed at human maturity and contemplative wisdom," Benedict XVI explained.

And Richard's "On the Trinity" is one of the great books of history, the Pope contended.

In it, he "sought to understand the mystery of the triune God by analyzing the mystery of love, which entails a giving and receiving between two persons and finds its perfection in being bestowed upon a third person." More>>

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Ivan said...

To my mind, the Holy Trinity is reflected in the form of modern government. The executive, legislative and judicial arms are powers with their own equal rights, so that depending on circumstances they each takes on the authority of the whole government. The trouble comes when they are out of balance by design. The analogy is not perfect, but a reflection on the most successful countries should convince one that the most stable and beneficial form of government is one that is modelled on the Trinity. To me this is a most compelling proof of the Trinity. Inasmuchas throughout history men have developed governments based on what they believe is true in heaven, the Trinity provides the best model for successful governance.