Monday, December 7, 2009

St. Ambrose

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St. Ambrose wrote in defense of the Church against the Arian heresy

St. Ambrose left us two great examples from his life.

The first was what he did with St. Augustine.

St. Ambrose was a man of enormous talent, one of the Doctors of the Church, famous for his works and actions throughout both Christendom and the Roman Empire of his time. In his memoirs, St. Augustine wrote that he converted because of St. Ambrose. He described the true fascination he had for the great saint. Once in a while St. Augustine used to visit the episcopal house of St. Ambrose in Milan. He would sit in the same room with St. Ambrose just to watch him write and work. Many times Ambrose did not have time to give to St. Augustine. The latter simply wanted to be in his presence, taking advantage of the atmosphere created by St. Ambrose. (Emphasis added) It was mainly because of that atmosphere and some few conversations they had that St. Augustine converted..More>>

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