Sunday, December 20, 2009

United States of Carthage

I strong recommend to all readers that you visit the Four Mass'keteers blog and view Father Robert Barron's video on abortion and law in the United States.

You will see and hear in Fr Barron's presentation how the sacrificial mechanism of René Girard mimetic theory is alive and thriving in the silence surrounding the sacred space afforded abortion "health services" soon to become a mandate supported by each and every American at the behest of our president and the Democratic majority of our government.

If Carthage had included infant sacrifice as part of its "health care services" it would be no more heinous a moral catastrophe than what will soon become the law of the land in America. But our governmental leaders have no category for what Carthage did ostensibly for religious purposes. You see, we have "separation of church and state," with a huge prejudice against the Judeo-Christian prohibition of child sacrifice in favor of a woman's "choice" to kill her unborn child.

This is human sacrifice, as any Old Testament prophet would see and tell you in a heart beat.

But the mythological blinding effect of the sacred, anthropologically speaking, is not only ignoring the rights of unborn Americans, but self-righteously applauding the continuance and financial provisions for the same.

God have mercy on the once-great country of the United States of America. It will, by its own re-paganization, bring upon itself consequential judgment. The future will look upon it as it now looks upon the ruins of Carthage.

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