Thursday, January 28, 2010

CT Scan Tomorrow

One thing my life has taught me is that things wished for or things dreaded rarely correspond to the actual eventualities that occur in the future. But, for one so graced with faith - and it is a gift not an accomplishment - grace is sufficient to every eventuality.

Marian chivalry consists in trusting as Our Lady did, obeying humbly as simply as earth (humus) accepts all that befalls it, offering up all woe and trials, and witnessing to God's steadfast love and faithfulness at all times, even when the path seems darkest, loneliest, most dread-filled, and hopeless.

Those who believe they are "in power" aren't; those who think they are powerless, aren't; those who fear the worst rarely face it; those who think they are prepared find they aren't. In this way Tolkien's master opus is the very finest teacher of reality; and it is a Catholic reality, after all.

Our Lord constantly sends us signs and portents of hope. Stay in a state of grace and so be ready to accept them open-handed.

And, if you find a moment, pray for me, like you, a poor ornery sinner, in need of even more grace. Thank you, gentle reader.


Gil Bailie said...

You will be in my prayers tomorrow at St. Joseph's Abbey. I, too, have an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow, but all indications that mine is nothing more that a routine confirmation of the earlier "all clear" verdict. BUT one never knows, as you realize. Prayer is always in order. I have prayed for you every day for months, and I will continue.
God bless you.

TH2 said...

This post comes at a crucial time for me in the next month or so... the words almost speak direct to my situation. Thank you, Athos.

I will ask/pray Our Lady to watch over you.

Athos said...

TH2 - This is exactly what I mean about Our Lord - and, I'm sure, Our Lady - sending along to us signs of hope, if we are open to receive them.

My fellow Mass'keteer, Aramis, amazed me when in April 2008 I announced that I had kidney CA and wd soon have it extracted.

He told me, Been there, done that 5 years earlier. Coincidence? Yeah, right, as the kids say.

Be of good cheer, Our Lord tells us. I have overcome the world.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Athos, you will be in my thoughts and prayers...God bless and may Our Lady give you strength and protection.

Athos said...

And vice versa, Gil. Many thanks.

Athos said...

Your prayers are greatly appreciated, Carlos.