Saturday, April 3, 2010

Laughable if it weren't so sad

Who are you going to trust?

It would be laughable if it weren't all so ridiculously sad. The MSM gets Fr Cantalamessa's superb analysis wrong - why? Because they latched onto something they thought they heard; namely, a comparison of (a) the continuing vitriolic junkyard-dog attacks on the Holy Father with (b) the nearly everlasting scapegoating of the Jews in world history.

Cantalamessa was correct and, beyond that, did an exquisite job of explicating Girard's mimetic theory. He showed mimetic theory to be a powerful servant and tool for the magisterium of the Church right there in front of God, the Holy Father, and - unfortunately - a selectively listening mainstream media. The MSM was as selective, I will hasten to add, as were the Pharisees were when they followed Our Lord around trying to find evidence for pinning Him to the wall.

Again, for proof read Fr Cantalamessa's homily in full here. See for yourself. Don't listen to the pharisaical, scapegoating, looking-for-trouble MSM.

UPDATE: Jeffrey Tucker's measured comments on all of the above: The Troubles of the Catholic World


mw said...

You wrote and linked: "UPDATE: Jeffrey Tucker's measured comments on all of the above: The Troubles of the Catholic World"

fyi, this article -- The Troubles of the Catholic World -- doesn't seem to exist on that site anymore ... can't get it in cache, either. I'd like to read it if someone has a copy.

Athos said...

mw, it should work now. Scroll down to the article.

Athos said...

It worked for me, mw. The link shd go to New Liturgical Movement. Tucker's article is just below the 'Headline' section. If it still doesn't work for you, use their search engine in the upper right. Good luck

mw said...

OK, I see it now. There was another article under the contents before, and lots of others below that (though not one I wanted), but now the correct one appears. Thanks!