Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sanity from Down Under

Sydney's Morning Herald writer, Miranda Devine is a straight shooter and clear seer in her Evildoers, not Pope, to blame. (H/t: Father Z) She writes:
The process is not unfamiliar to people who have lived under communist rule when destruction of the church was a goal.

Professor Piotr Jaroszynski from Poland's Catholic University of Lublin has written in the Catholic country's mass newspaper that the offensive against the Pope is recognisable particularly to Poles who lived under communist rule. "It has elements that have been very well planned, rational to the extreme, but at the same time there is a singular hatred for Catholicism hidden under concern for victim."

The struggle against religion has taken the form of a new religion. Its new priests "find their greatest ideological enemies in priests, religious brothers, and sisters. They cannot physically destroy them (as was done in communist countries), so they try other methods."

What is the motive: to destroy the credibility of the strongest moral voice left? Would the world be a better place without the Catholic Church? Without Christianity? That is the end point of this game, which should frighten everyone, whether religious or not.
None feel so righteous as scapegoaters when they have a victim in sight and accused. But the destruction of the Christian faith in general and the Catholic Church in particular, the head of which is the Holy Father, is the goal of these enemies of truth, goodness, and beauty.

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