Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peters and Pipes - Ducking the evidence

Appeasement doesn't work with the Scimitar. And so long as the MSM, the DHS, and the Last Self-Help Administration do not begin with the assumption of jihad, we will be caught in a Rube Goldberg contraption as unwieldy as it is incapable of providing legitimate defense. [h/t re: Pipes article - Gil Bailie]

Of course, they do, in actuality. But they won't say this to the unwashed masses. The oligarchy presumes that the redneck, Uncle Tom clientele will unleash untold violence upon the dearly protected of Saudi petro interests, not knowing the secret, inner workings of the Gospel that always precludes a Christian form of the Scimitar jihadista falderall that increasingly dots the news. If only we remembered, as St. Thomas Aquinas taught, there is indeed legitimate defense.

UPDATE: Prof. Barry Rubin fleshes out the ramifications of such enforced blindness here.

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