Friday, May 28, 2010

Good for the Goose

Rebecca Bynum of The New English Review puts it succinctly:

If we are going to influence the Muslim world at all, we have to use what pressure we can reasonably bring to bear. So until such time as Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, Jain, Hindu and Buddhist temples are allowed to be built freely in Muslim lands, other faiths are free to proselytize, Muslims are completely free to leave Islam with out fear of retaliation and Christians, Jews, Hindus and all non-Muslims face no more persecution at the hands of Muslims, no more mosques should be built in America, as a matter both of fairness and in order to pressure Muslim countries to reform.

Then there is the further question of what is being taught in the mosques. In Nashville, one of our most prominent edu ca­tors on Islam, Professor Awadh A. Bin hazim, president of Olive Tree Education and who regularly teaches courses on Islam at Vanderbilt University, stated before a Vanderbilt audience in 2006 concerning the Muhammad cartoon controversy, “Islam is not some thing to ridicule” and “all Muslims” view the publication of cartoons depicting Muhammad as a “provoca­tion.” He also stated that 99.9 percent of Muslims feel deeply offended by the cartoons even if they have not responded violently and that they do not share the value of freedom of speech as it is recognized in this country. It is clear Islam car­ries a deep scriptural animus towards Jews and that women are not considered the equal of men, certainly a bench mark of modern civilization.

So we must ask ourselves, do we want to aid and abet the spread of these ideas by allowing the unhindered building of mosques in America?

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