Friday, May 14, 2010

Worse Than Golden Compass?

Steven D. Greydanus of Decent Films says it plainly: Don't go see Robin Hood. Ridley Scott is still in the Middle Ages revisionist mode.

Instead, get cozy with your favorite beverage and a copy of Those Terrible Middle Ages! by the renown French historian, RĂ©gine Pernoud, who debunks the slanders about realities of Christendom.


TH2 said...

I read Pernoud's book a few years ago. A wonderful work. It certainly needs wider dissemination.

maria horvath said...

Her books on Joan of Arc are also well worth reading. Using original transcripts, Pernoud takes a close look at both the original trial and the retrial that rehabilitated the Maid of Orleans. She is scrupulously fair, recording testimony from family, friends, fellow soldiers, and even Joan's enemies.