Monday, June 28, 2010

Hope - Christendom

Trinity (1408-25) - Andrei Rublev

First of all, let me apologize for the truncated manner of my posting. Sitting in an upright position less than two weeks out from my surgery leaves me at a disadvantage, so please forgive errors, etc.

An important hint I want to leave for those in search of breadcrumbs leading to cultural hope and the renewal of Christendom can, it seems to me, be found in this modern prophecy.

Conspiracy theories revolve around this document at quite a speed. It is vital, therefore, to slow down and realize a few things about this Fatima revelation. First, while there is an element that rightly sees "chastisement", in light of more recent events - namely, the cultural meltdown of the West rightly called suicide by the observant - there is a much more crucial element, one of theological hope.

Remnants of chivalry, of faithful sons and daughters of Our Lord's Catholic Church, of willingness not to buckle and give-in exist in old Europe, in new America, and elsewhere around the world.

Sadly, however, it is a well-documented reality that the West is emasculated, profligate, shamelessly promiscuous, literally de-generate, and no more forward-thinking than the next sensualist experience. It does not have the faith, morals, or virtuous wherewithal any longer to stand before the enemies of Christendom.

Not so, it seems, in Russia. Now"consecrated" to Our Lady as Fatima urged, Russia is just as sinful. Of course. As secularized? Perhaps ... but it seems not so. Russia has dealt as an entity with mightily violent foes for many long centuries - from the Tatars without to the Stalinists within. The West, except for the twentieth century's two huge bloodbaths, has become a mere batch of weathervanes, whiney sensualist splinters, avoiding mortal consciousness and distracting itself to death.

So, look with hope to the Holy Father. Be a Pope's man - or woman. Trust Catholic truth. Be strong in eucharistic grace, and all the other sacraments. And pray - pray - for our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Russia. They have NOT forgotten how to stand before the enemies of Christ our King and His holy Church.

We may learn and follow under the consecrated leadership of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven.

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Glad you are mending well. Still praying for you daily. God bless.