Monday, July 19, 2010

Knox - Sanctity of Persons

YOU PASS THROUGH THE STREETS as you go to your daily work, and all those thousands of your fellow beings - faces hardened by money-getting, faces impudent with the affectation of vice, faces vacant with frivolity, faces lined with despair - and it seems to you impossible that each one of those faces, with so little recognition in it of a divine vocation or of eternal destiny, can yet represent a soul for which God cares. And yet he does care, if theology is to mean anything; cares for this one as he ... cared for the penitent thief.

- Monsignor Ronald A. Knox

I have been scanning the usual blogs and websites of my BLRS (before liver resection surgery) days so much less these days: all the shrill, worrisome voices, clammering about this imminent social catastrophe or that. A pal whom I gratefully met on Enders Island, St. Edmund's Retreat - Mark Gordon - has been retreating also from those Cassandras and spending more time listening to the orthodox voices from Mother Church.

I'm not so much following his lead as performing triage with my time here on earth. You will read more from the good guide, Monsignor Ronald Knox (above), and less about the Scimitar, the secularization of the West, and other troublesome social matters here at Chronicles. It seems important for me - for the good of my - and your - soul. Best/blessings

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Michael said...

May God Bless You and Give You Peace. This "retreat" is the only way that you will be able to save your self and others from what will ultimately distract them from those paths which we need to follow...ironically to be living responses to the very issues the Cassandras are so torqued about.