Friday, August 20, 2010

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

My spiritual director who died in June on the feast day of Sts Peter and Paul said that Saint Bernard of Clairvaux was the "air we breath" at Holy Cross Abbey, Berryville. I had asked him for a good place to begin reading St. Bernard. He sent me a voluminous letter with multiple photocopies, suggestions, one with the still intriguing title of The Family That Overtook Christ: the amazing story of the family of Bernard of Clairvaux.

We remember St. Bernard today as founder of a host of monasteries, the counselor to pontiffs, the figure whom Dante deemed worthy to escort his literary self into Paradise.

St. Bernard, son of knights, pray for us.


Allison said...

It's been great to discover this saint.

Athos said...

Hi Allison - I fully agree. The Holy Spirit seems to woo me toward certain saints, and St. Bernard is one of them. Best/cheers