Friday, September 3, 2010

St Fiacre, Brooms and Weeds

Gardening, I was told in 'chemo class,' is a great way of thwarting the effects of chemotherapy. I made an appointment with my wife to run to our local northern Virginia gardening center of choice and purchased: two butterfly bushes, two lilacs, and two Scottish brooms. All now reside in my front yard which passes more as a perennial garden than a 'lawn' (the only grass doesn't belong and is weeded).

So, thanks to the estimable Daniel Mitsui for lauding good saint Fiacre. God bless and may your perennials long prosper to His glory.

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Frank said...

Flowers intentionally cultivated have not flourished, but the willows casually stuck in the ground have grown into a shady grove. -Chinese proverb

Or, my wife has a black thumb. It's one of the two. :-D