Thursday, October 21, 2010

Consequential Judgment - Nations

Not that I am advocating extremism that can lead deplorably to the dehumanization of scapegoating; rather, I am saying simply that abortion is - absolutely, categorically, magisterially - demonic. But this category has been cast out with the bathwater by materialists - along with the baby, I hasten to add. Abortion and its industry of easy, disposable human life has been swept clean even the possibility of personal evil. They have made their charnel house clinically-clean and sanitized; empty and awaiting that which they deny even exists.

The poor, besotted secularist atheists who live their cool and detached lives of quiet lack of charity need to read and digest Matthew 12, 43-45 vvery carefully.

And, as theologican Peter Kreeft points out here, abortion IS demonic.

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