Monday, April 11, 2011

Watching and Being Watched

As if I needed any proof for my hypothesis, I noticed a correlation between my television viewing and a proportionate amount of junk mail asking me to support a certain channel that promotes the arts.

DVRs are wondrous things. But be aware that they are yet another way for one's interests to be monitored by "powers that be." Put another way, DVRs - and, of course, the internet and the availability of reading choices for Nook, iPad, Kindle, etc. (as if you did not know) - also sway people toward this or that interest at a very unconscious level.

What if Story of a Soul just isn't available via Kindle (it is) or Nook (it isn't) or iPad (it is)?

Marshall McLuhan, famous for his media theory when I was in graduate school, said famously, "The medium is the message." And judging by the number of persons reading from electronic devices in the public square today, an uptick is evident supporting his claim. But I will keep scoping out yard sales for providential gifts of grace. Not only because my eyes prefer paper and ink to dancing pixels, but because I prefer not to equate my ontological worth with keeping up with the latest fad:

The little front wave
Ran up the sand
And frothed there,
Wildly elated.
"I am the tide,"
Said the little front wave,
"And all the waves before me
Are dated."

- (A modern) Simon Stylites

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