Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pakistan, Dionysus, & Chaos

A reasonably complete analysis of the Pakistan Emergency from Counterterrorism Blog, Jeffrey Imm reporting. Just in case you want something to add to your prayer list: a Muslim country with nuclear weapons amidst growing Talibanization.

Let us remember that in the same way the secular West thirsts for its addictive substance of choice, oil, in order to continue its lifestyles of softcore nihilism, those who would overthrow the West in the name of Allah long for one thing most of all: nuclear weapons. Do not listen to or argue over the themes of the latter, or the former, for that matter; look at the structure, the arc or gradient of their respective forms of violence.

Then you will see that Islam resembles not a "religion of peace" any more than the secular West resembles "the kingdom of God." No. You will see that both are victories of Friedrich Nietzsche, his deity of choice, Dionysus, and the chaos of the primitive Sacred. And behind Dionysus, the "father of lies and a murderer since the beginning."

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