Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prayer, Sin, and "Fog"

Not wanting to dampen the spirits of the voters who elected the most pro-abortion president-elect into line for the Oval Office or anything (wink, wink), but ZENIT reports that Archbishop Mauro Piacenza, secretary of the Congregation for Clergy, recently said the following regarding modern society: "It is not that a heresy has been put forth, which would have made the Church react quickly, but there is a general climate of fog that envelops everything."

Perfectly described, Bishop, thank you. Indeed, he describes the heady, self-righteous spirit that hovered over the United States and gave Big O the majority in the presidential election. It is that abaissement du niveau mental of the crowd spoken of by Carl Jung (et al) rather well, but most completely and forensically by René Girard's mimetic theory. It makes sense out of the knee-jerk, irrational, and sometimes manic behavior of the Big O's devoted hoards.

Did they really, truly want to vote into office the single most pro-abortion, pro-infanticide candidate ever? Now, now, Athos! Remember: this was supposed to be the "feel-good" candidate. Do you want to be branded "racist"? Not at all.

There are a host of African-Americans I would have voted for. But never for one with the Big O's voting record regarding such an obvious public, grave sin, with his sincere oath to remain squarely in-line with Planned Parenthood on this one.

What America has lost touch with - nationally, in local communities, and individually - is the radical damage done by SIN, and its power to cast mythological, pagan "fog" over the hearts, minds, and souls of millions of persons.

Please join me in continuing to pray for our president-elect, and all so deluded by sin's power.

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