Thursday, April 16, 2009

Political strategy vs. Truth

THIS is exactly why I put no earthly trust in bipartisan politics. "Tea parties" my sweet Aunt Sally. The GOP deserves to crash and burn if it, like the Democratic party, merely sees what direction the spirit of the age is sweeping the populous and jumps out front.

I am glad to be a member of a Body that puts no trust in princes - or focus groups either: the Catholic Church. It has the promise of the risen Lord of heaven and earth behind it; it believes what He, Jesus, told us is and always will be true; and it will not change just to get ahead of the ravenous hoard to grasp at earthly power or as some "church growth" scam.

Both political parties had better begin to think about the eternal consequences of their decisions and platforms. Building bigger barns means nothing when one draws one's last breath.

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jimw said...

This is right on the marks so to speak...