Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fools for Christ

Now tell me: why do you suppose voters in the United States decided to go all leftist last November? Takuan Seiyo tells us.
The Spanish Civil War (1936–39), for instance, due to its "Fighting the Fascists” veneer is to this day a subject of veneration by the “progressive” West. But this hews to the line of Comintern's phony propaganda. For the noble cause that the West sees in the Spanish Republicans was in fact an attempt to create a totalitarian Soviet republic. The International Brigades of idealistic volunteers were led by Soviet commissars under the control of NKVD, and carried out genocidal actions against a civilian population. But for “progressive humanity” (Stalin’s words), facts can never stand in the way of feelings.

There are 80 years of conditioning, hundreds of millions of KGB dollars and dozens of still-extant institutions that have gone into manufacturing this “antifascist” and “antiracist” reflex of the useful idiots. ANSWER for instance, aka Act Now to Stop War and Racism is a peace-and-justice loving organization on whose Steering Committee sit, among others, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Partnership for Civil Justice, a few Muslim rception of reality of every American that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”

[ ... ]

Those who are counter-jihad are pummeled not by jihadis but by socialists. Those who are anti-socialist are pummeled not by socialists but by immigrant demographics. Those who are traditionalists are pummeled not by nihilists but by global capitalists. Those who are social conservatives are pummeled not by libertines but by the very symbol of rectitude, the Law. Those who are declining fertility activists will be defeated even if they succeed, for any number of Western children would still be compelled to spend 12 – 18 years turning into Pods in the Snatchers’ zombie farms. It’s in light of all this that I see the tactical retreat of Exodus.

When Reality becomes taboo, and fiction becomes an official totem, civilization has driven itself into a swamp. From then on, it’s the flotation coefficient of the lying totem versus the suction force of Reality’s swamp. That is a contest with only one possible outcome, as gravity and entropy work for the swamp. Unless the lie be smashed and the taboo repealed, that civilization must be sucked under.
I'd love to be able to say Seiyo is yanking our chain with conspiracy theory. What he is doing, however, is tracing the outline of the sacred as lived out in current events sans knowledge of Girard's mimetic theory.

And while Seiyo may correctly see the origins of our leftist turn in America - interesting, isn't it, that suddenly we are following the lead of a bygone Europe that now is turning to the right - we cannot subscribe to his Exodus theory. Christians are called to be the leaven in the loaf, in but not of the world.

Like the babushkas who faithfully went to church in Soviet Russia, so we are called to be out of step, unhip, the butt of jokes and scapegoating in a West that is imploding in a faith and morals void of its own making.

But we are in on the joke on us. We are fools for Christ. And that is okay.

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