Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chivalric Fealty to Christ

"EVERY ONE THAT IS of the truth, heareth my voice", said Christ to Pilate; and we may set this down as a certain consequence, that, excepting in cases of unavoidable ignorance where this Orient from on high hath not dawned in hostility to the world's claims, OUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST HAS BECOME THE CHIEF AND ETERNAL KING OF ALL THE REALLY FREE, GENEROUS, AND HEROIC SPIRITS THAT EXIST UPON THE EARTH.

So that to Him alone they come, offering homage of undivided love, and renouncing allegiance to the world, scorning its pretensions, and regarding with the utmost degree of contempt and detestation its haughty standard of false honour and false liberty and false virtue.

To His Church they repair, from every region and language and people, to confirm their union, to proclaim their fidelity, to take up the arms with which they are to fight against the ruler of this world, to secure their deliverance from the hands of their enemies, and to receive power from their adorable Lord, Who is enthroned in the centre of their hearts, to serve Him without fear all their days, in holiness and justice.
- Maxims of Christian Chivalry

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