Friday, January 8, 2010

Patriarch of Moscow - Truth Lives

MOSCOW, Russia, JAN. 7, 2010 ( The Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and of All Russia affirmed the fundamental value of truth in his message for Christmas.
Following the Julian calendar, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on Jan. 7.

"The life of a person who has gone astray may outwardly seem to be a successful one," Patriarch Kirill acknowledged, "yet this does not mean that error is without consequence: sooner or later it will manifest itself, including in the tragedy of human destinies."

Divine truths, the patriarch stated, "today have ceased to be ideals."

He continued: "It is the substitution of true values by false values that largely explains the ever-growing significance of the so called 'human factor' in tragic events that take away hundreds of lives.

"It is this that explains the crises which have had a global impact on the economy, politics, the environment, family life, the generation gap, and many other things."

Patriarch Kirill affirmed that "Divine truth ought to be the main compass for all human activity, for growth and movement forward."
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