Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anthropological Mystification

Due to anthropological considerations, this story is of considerable fascination. In the shoving match arena of public opinion, there are the quasi-intelligentsia (think the Inside Washington panel) who roll their eyes with wry grins at such "nonsense". They deride such effort coming from "birthers" right up there with the conspiracy theorists, or "truthers", who say the U. S. government brought down the twin towers on 9-11-01.

On the other side are those "birthers" who see in I Wun's candidacy an illegitimacy borne of the same snakes' nest as gave rise to all the evil "isms" that beset the poor old violent twentieth century.

All I am certain of, from a mimetic theory point of view, is that whenever human beings start saying things like, "It goes without saying..." or "Wouldn't it come out by now...?", there is nearly always mythologizing "mist" that stymies clarity of vision and truth. This goes both for the self-righteous moralizing Pentheus types, as well as the equally self-righteous hubris-filled progressivists who think they have got past all the mumbo-jumbo of things like Original Sin.

While I don't like the terrier-like ferocity of the "birthers", I admire the way they will not be dissuaded from trying to find truth in spite of derision, scorn, and mimetically induced "mystification".

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