Sunday, February 28, 2010

Power vs. Truth, Goodness and Beauty

Does this remind you of this in any way? If you take moment to view the video on Israel, you will see that the shrill lies of its enemies include being "victimized" when, in fact, the underlying motive of the enemies of truth, goodness, and beauty is to victimize. They have learned well that today the only recourse to victimization is claiming either to be victims or to be defending victims.

This, in itself, say, two thousand years ago would have been unheard of. The remnants of the Christian West may not be very conscious, but it does know that our very foundations are rooted in caring for victims ("Lord, when did we see you ...?" - Matthew 25, 31f).

But, as Gil Bailie points out, not only does sin take advantage of the Law, sin also takes advantage of the Gospel. Sorting out motives is very important here. Not unlike that thorny topic of "choice". It is well and good to be "pro-choice"; I, for one, believe firmly in free will as part of what it means to be made imago dei. But "choice" and free will without the slightest adumbration of the higher human motive of seeking to carry out God's will with one's free will is no better than commending a pig for rooting out the juiciest tidbit in the slop for itself.

Choice, like claiming victimhood or defending a victim de jour without recourse to the will of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and sustained by the Magisterium of the the Church, is bound to be selfish, self-centered, power-oriented, and mere ideology.

And in the wake of the embargo on such revealed truth about the will of the biblical God in general and seething hatred of Catholic truth in particular, we are apt to see more and more mere ideology, political agendas, and cargo cult paganism as memory of truth, goodness, and beauty recede.

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