Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last Self-Help Administration Follies

An ideology-driven administration with character disorder tendencies (and what politician, ipso facto, is free of those?) begins its tenure - with sincerity, mind you - doing what it believes is good and right for a country. It continues to do so regardless of the fact that the people it purports to represent no longer want that administration to go that direction. In fact, that administration uses every form of political wile and guile it can muster to take the nation in a direction a growing number of its populace does not want it to go. And it does so spending money that is not in the coffers of that country, but borrows heedlessly from foreign sources while not lessening the country's dependency on foreign sources of petroleum energy. All the while blaming former administration(s) for its woes and shortcomings.

Is this wisdom? leadership?


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