Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hitchens, Bailie, and Apocalyptic Days

Essential viewing: Peter Hitchens talks about his book, The Rage Against God, here. NB: Hitchens was an eye-witness to the goings-on in the Soviet Union (including its ending). He says that the so-called "new atheists" - among whom he counts his brother, Christopher - do not know the forces they are trying to "summon from the ground" that culminate in a "howling wilderness."

Last note: I am steering you to friend, mentor, and fine fellow Gil Bailie's web blog above. I had the privilege of sharing a meal with Gil, founder of The Cornerstone Forum, the executive director of the same, Randy Coleman-Riese, and others interested in the work of the Forum on Wednesday evening in Washington, D. C.

It was subdued little gathering in a large, noisy downtown watering-hole, largely due to the recent goings-on on Capitol Hill. Yet there is something to be said to living in apocalyptic days. Especially if one has the Magisterium of the Church grasped firmly in one hand and the mimetic theory of René Girard in the other.

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