Friday, March 26, 2010

Presidential Ego and False Values

This president, in his overweening desire to convince Iran ( __ ! ) of his undying new allegiance, went out of his way to act shoddily toward the Israeli head of state. You read all about it. I can only second the sentiments expressed by the founder and point man of The Cornerstone Forum, Gil Bailie:
All Americans should be ashamed of this willful insult to the leader of a nation against which the entire Islamic world has arrayed itself, and whose enemies will take Obama's treatment of Netanyahu as a signal that Israel no longer has reliable U.S. support. This from the president who reverts to diplomatic niceties when "negotiating" with Iranian mullahs and the thuggish psychopath who does their bidding. Our president has fallen all over himself trying to ingratiate himself to some of the most notorious tyrants of our time, apologizing as he goes for America's sundry sins.

To my mind, it is a day to feel deep remorse. At the same time, it is, I fear, a harbinger of things yet to come.
This fellow clearly wants to dismantle what he holds ressentment toward, which is much of traditional American values - and now has the wherewithal to do so. The facade is lordly and intellectual; the puer beneath is trickster and destroyer.

May the LORD bless and keep Israel; may the angel of the LORD watch over and protect her from the harm her enemies would deal out; may the LORD quickly return to us an American leader who shares the values, hopes, and dreams of the vast majority of Americans; and may the LORD put more back-bone and wisdom in Americans to insure such an absurd mistake never happens again. Selah.

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