Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Benedict - 'Cure Against Death'

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – Jesus is the “cure for death” man has sought since ancient times and still seeks at present, a “cure” that begins at baptism that continues for one’s whole life, this according to Benedict XVI who spoke last night at Easter Vigil, the “Vigil of all Vigils”, during which he performed baptism for six catechumens.

Men try to extend and improve life. “But let us reflect for a moment,” the Pontiff said. “[W]hat would it really be like if we were to succeed, perhaps not in excluding death totally, but in postponing it indefinitely, in reaching an age of several hundred years? Would that be a good thing? Humanity would become extraordinarily old; there would be no more room for youth. Capacity for innovation would die, and endless life would be no paradise, if anything a condemnation.”

Christ instead transforms “our lives from within”; he creates “a new life within us, truly fit for eternity,” transforming “us in such a way as not to come to an end with death, but only then to begin in fullness.”

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