Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sacrificing the Pope, or, Goodbye NPR

Taking my son to see a movie about vikings and dragon training, I turned on the radio in search of some music worth listening to. The NPR reporter began the clipped, accusatory story about a letter. I turned off the radio, feeling angry.

Regardless of closer readings of each and every outcropping of this poison-pen ivy, and criticism asking simply for normal journalistic standards, it seems that intelligence is no antidote to being stupid about scapegoating and lust for sacrificial victims. (Think Radovan Karadžić.)

Robert Hamerton-Kelly has noted that in modernity, we either increase the number of our victims or the prestige of our victims: genocide or regicide. When the social and psychological tumult grows sufficiently, fallen human nature wants sacrificial victims.

Who has great prestige than the Holy Father? Well ... the left can't sacrifice their King, can they? Not yet at least. So, they want the Holy Father. Driven by their desire for a victim, they will continue to search, hunt, scan, and glean until they find what they feel is sufficient evidence to carry out the ritual. They even have a judge lined up.

Pray for the peace of the Holy Father.

Pray for perseverance in practicing the cardinal virtues (fortitude, justice, temperance, prudence), the theological virtues (faith, hope, charity), empowered by Our Lord's eucharistic grace, joining others who engage in Marian chivalry.

Pray for those anthropologically ignorant smart people who want a victim who is Christ's Vicar, Benedict XVI.

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