Monday, May 17, 2010

Enemies and Friends of the Church

The sum is greater than the parts in the on-going battle of neo-paganism against the Catholic Church. It goes like this. The NYT keeps up its full frontal attacks and insinuations. The "progressivist" secularists' other lap-dog media organ, the WaPo, shines a light on potential targets (read: victims and their training facilities). The vanguard berzerkers begin their first attempts to rout the normal worshipers, the latter having no full appreciation of the lust for the primitive sacred that carries the former into hallowed spaces of our Eucharistic Lord.

The overlords of this scheme, meanwhile, watch from their oligarchical nests, smug in the knowledge that they set the agenda and continue to do so, apparently far removed from the melee.

Understand that this work against God's Church is not unlike that carried out during Lord Cecil's English "reformation" (sic.) and the Mexican Cristiada. The enemies of the Catholic Church want to decimate Her and strike fear and doubt into the hearts of all those whom She wants to help bring to salvation in this life and Eternal Life in the next. Her enemies would have us all join them in their naive utopian pipe dreams and nihilistic relativism. Now is decidedly not the time to buckle.

It is a subtle and well-planned effort. We must be "wise as serpents and as innocent as doves," as Our Lord admonishes us (Mtt 10,16ff). We are in for difficult days; but perseverance will bring its eternal reward. Find strength in numbers of the faithful; pray constantly; receive the sacramental strength and grace of the Holy Eucharist.

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