Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Entering the New Dark Ages

This sums things up pretty well for me regarding the "Cordoba House" mosque at Ground Zero.

If you disagree, you probably are in the camp of those who think that Israel is evil.


Mike O'Malley said...

"With the exception of the United States, nearly all the world’s nations have condemned Israel over the Gaza-flotilla incident, as have the United Nations and nearly all the world’s newspapers, radio and TV-news stations, leftist academics, and leftist organizations. Their characterizations of the Jewish state range from a society so evil that it should not be allowed to exist to a villainous nation that is responsible for..."

Hmmmm, unanimity less two, OK unanimity less one and a half given the obvious hostility toward Israel of Baracka Hussein Obama Jr. et al, that's approaching almost certain proof under mimetic theory that Israel is innocent and righteous and being relentlessly scapegoated.

Athos said...

If the Church's Doctrine of Original Sin left any doubt as to the asinine nature of a fallen human race, Girard's mimetic theory left no doubts at all as a helpful (if not discouragingly realistic) servant of the Magisterium.

As you've noticed, Mike, being members of the 21st century means that more than likely one is even more susceptible to mimesis for the simple fact that one has abandoned the biblical ethos in general and the Christian faith in particular - the only source of true lucidity.

Why else are Israel and the Catholic Church under such intense barrages of scapegoating? Christianities (as Ronald Knox called them) other than Mother Church may have a chuckle at Catholicism's expense, but they shouldn't. The enemies know that if the Catholic Church falls (which Our Lord promises it won't), the other christianities would be easy pickings. Cheers (anyway!)