Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Scimitar's god, SJS, and Command '66'

Like "forgetting" the Doctrine of Original Sin when dealing with any living, breathing human being, it is absurd to disregard the principle of taqiyya when dealing with any member of the Scimitar.

This is not to accuse all members of the Scimitar of deception; rather, it is to say that any member of the Scimitar may plea taqiyya at any time for the reason of justifying his or her actions for the benefit of the Scimitar.

And do not forget what Daniel Pipes aptly calls Sudden Jihad Syndrome - what I call Command '66' from 'Revenge of the Sith.'

Most apropos, however, are the words of Simone Weil:

“God has provided that when his grace penetrates to the very center of a person and from there illuminates all his being, he is able to walk on water without violating any of the laws of nature. When, however, a man turns away from God he simply gives himself up to the law of gravity. Then he thinks he can decide and choose, but he is only a thing, a stone, that falls.”

Such are all those who, regardless of their claim to the "revelations" of the "Prophet", succumb to the primitive sacred (Girard) and the dark gods of blood. Theirs is not the true God revealed by Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Their god is, in the parlance of C. S. Lewis, the bloodthirsty deity Tash.

UPDATE: This is downright fascinating. God bless and keep the soul of Bishop Padovese. Requiescat in pace. +

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