Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Chivalrous Work of Prayer

Chesterton reminds us that the age-old principle of chivalry demands the knight fight not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. I repeatedly invite persons who love our Lord's holy Catholic Church, who pray for the renewal of Christendom, for our Holy Father, Benedict XVI - the 265th pontiff since St. Peter - and for the restoration of families, to join the chivalric order known as Corpus Christianum.

Yet unlike the ancient monastic practicing a balance of ora et labora, of these two - praying and fighting - I would say that the proportion in chivalry is undoubtedly 99.99% of the former and 0.01% of the latter.** Indeed, of the two, the practice of prayer is the absolute requisite for any kind of warfare, spiritual or otherwise.

Many do not know that Don John of Austria went to the Battle of Lepanto with a likeness of Our Lady of Guadalupe affixed to the wall of his quarters. That is a good practice for all of a knightly bent.

If you do decide to pursue membership in Corpus Christianum, I strongly suggest you begin a sustained practice of what is called Acta Militum, which is found at the website under Frequently Asked Questions. It will steer a course of constant prayer through out your month.

**That is, of course, unless you consider the inalterable fact that most our battles are fought in our own heart and soul; then the ratio becomes again 50:50.

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