Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ignoring Vital Values

I appreciate and agree with the writer of this article. See what you think.


Tim J. said...

Rabbi Boteach has it pretty well right. Reminds me of when I heard the President last year say in a speech (could have been the SOTU address), "Our prosperity is the foundation of our power."

Yike. Has he never read the prophets?

Athos said...

I pray for our president each and every morning, as well as for all in authority who do not keep or who are working actively against Catholic truth, Bro Tim ... not so much because I expect him, and them, to experience contrition and repentance from sin, but to keep the worst effects of their functional atheism from endangering further the Church, families trying to be faithful, and all persons attempting to live acc. to Catholic truth, faith, and morals.