Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Understanding Egypt

I have heard some remarkable blather about the protests in Egypt and Tunis from a priest who should know better than to equate what is going on there with the work of our Lord in the days of His flesh.

This article is an important one. So is this. And for further reference, there is Canetti's Crowds and Power. But ultimately pull down your Things Hidden From the Foundation of the World if you would really understand the protests.

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Mike O'Malley said...

That the Obama Administration was surprised by these sudden demonstrations in Egypt should be unsurprising. But so were Egyptian, Israeli and American intelligence. Evidence of flawed intelligence? I don't think so. Seems more likely the consequence of flawed anthropology.

Might Hosni Mubarak's vulnerability have been more apparent if he were viewed from the vantage of Girardian Anthropology, as an aging king/sacrificial victim who has not produced a satisfying substitute victim in too many a year? I think so.

The roll of memisis with the Tunisian example would also seem to be unappreciated.