Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Babel of the Present Crisis

Jeffrey Imm @ Family Security Matters posts on Jihad, Islamism, and the Challenge of Anti-Freedom Ideologies. I am expecting Suicide of the West to be posting on a similar subject soon, albeit from the viewpoint of a former Army combat-arms officer concerned with the freedom of the Shire and protection of the deposit of faith. Our friend there, Mark Gordon, recently posted a portion of a talk given by Gil Bailie entitled, Three Anthropologies. Bailie contends a kind of Augustinian hierarchy: the biblical anthropology affirmed by the Magisterium of the Church and substantiated by René Girard's opus; and two lesser diminutions that rightly fall into the categorical arena of the "primitive Sacred."

Sadly, it is manifestly apparent that as various groups with splintering allegiances react to the ostensible Islamification of the West, the sacrificial crisis -- so well explicated by René Girard -- continues without abatement. Hell, if Harry Potter is a snapshot of the present crisis, it's a miracle that Dumbledore is the only gay character in Rowling AND that he isn't cramming same sex unions and hate-crime legislation down everyone's throat.

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