Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Great - He Gets to Keep His Job

Teacher who attacked base had death wish, FBI says
A Miami Central High math teacher was arrested after attacking the Homestead Air Reserve Base in a failed suicide bid, authorities say.
Wielding two butcher knives bought at Wal-Mart and vodka bottles to use as explosives, Tahmeed Ahmad chanted ''Death to America'' and told Homestead Air Reserve Base guards he wanted to kill soldiers.

But Ahmad was no terrorist, authorities believe.

Hmmm. So ... when does one call someone who wields a couple of cleavers, Molotov cocktails, shouting "Death to America!" (my exclamation point - I'm sure he didn't make an exclamatory statement) a terrorist? When he succeeds in offing a few folk stocking up at Walmart, or students at his day-job at Central High? The story continues:

Ahmad is in his first year teaching math at Miami Central High, 1781 NW 95th St.

A federal judge will decide Thursday whether he can be released pending trial.

If he is freed, Ahmad will be reassigned away from children, said John Schuster, a schools spokesman.

Whew! Well, THAT's good news, that bit about him being reassigned away from children at the school where he will continue receiving employment. But ... just what does a 1st-year Math teacher DO at a school "away from children?" Play with bottles of stuff in the custodian's closet? Hmmm. I wonder what the School Board would do if he were a Presbyterian? [HT: Jihad Watch]

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